A Letter To The Scottish Basketball Family, Especially Those Who Have Contributed To The Sport In The past.

We’re keen to connect more with the former basketball community and to honour the role you’ve played, and can still play, in our sport.

We’d love to hear ideas for activities that you think would bring people together. Feel free to share ideas or get in touch directly at enquiries@basketball-scotland.com

Dear Scottish Basketball Family,

Keeping the basketball family connected and together.

The world is going through challenging times. At basketballscotland, we’ve been talking a lot about community: how do we help bring people together and help each other more, and how do we ensure that those who have moved on from the game continue to feel that they are part of our family, and that there are people they can reach out to in times of trouble? In the first few months of this year, we lost some important people in our sport and rightly paused for some reflection on how we can better support the wellbeing, connection and sense of community with you, the wider Scottish basketball community. We know that much of our focus as a governing body is on developing the future of the game in Scotland, but this should not be at the expense of the past and the important role it has played and can continue to play. We know that the future would not be possible if it weren’t for those who contributed to the rich history of our sport. Therefore, we’re writing to outline what we’ve done thus far, and to ask for your ideas and opinions on how we can effectively develop this relationship between the past, the present and the future. 

What we’ve done so far

While we haven’t been able to be on court due to coronavirus, we have been seeking opportunities to connect people in new ways. This is where the idea for the ‘Through the Years’ Facebook group originated. We’re delighted that the Facebook group is collecting and sharing some of the wonderful history and stories from our sport and we thank everyone who has contributed to that page. The stories that have been shared underline how rich the history of our sport is in Scotland. The ‘Make It Rain’ documentary, in partnership with the NBA, was an important start to sharing some of our history. We also supported Ken Johnston’s East of Scotland Basketball Gathering and have discussed running a similar West of Scotland event with the Strathclyde League and the potential for a national event next year. In addition, we have trialled walking basketball sessions. 

Together we can do more

But we want to do more. There are many ways that we can maintain and build these connections, but what would be most effective, what is achievable and manageable, and, most importantly, what would work for you? We’d love to hear ideas for activities that you think would bring people together. Please feel free to share ideas in the Facebook group, get in touch with us directly or through our social media channels. We can’t promise to deliver all of your ideas, but we’ll certainly read them all and commit to working with you to develop this important area. Finally, if you would be willing to help us bring people together, collect and celebrate the history of our sport and contribute to a greater sense of community, we’d love to hear from you! In the meantime, please keep sharing your stories, memories and photographs!

Yours in basketball