Return To Basketball | Webinar Series



Exactly which regulation(s) will be relaxed for the the 2021/2022 season?

All of our regulations are important to us, and we want clubs to work to the highest standard they can. However none of our regulations are more important than the game going ahead, so as long as everyone is safe. Any of our regulations can be relaxed in should the situation require it for the game to go ahead.

What if our club is unable to gain access to a venue before the start of the season?

We have some flexibility in our calendar so it would be possible for a club to start a little later. If however this was a problem likely to take a few months, we would look to support you to create a schedule of games once your in your venue.

What will the game day Covid protocols be for clubs?

Unfortunately we don’t have an answer for this one, however we will update you as soon as we have any information on this.

What happens if a referee or table official tests positive prior to the game?

If basketballscotland are able to find a solution to get another referee to the game we will, similarly as a club if your able to try to fill the table official slot (even with someone who might not have an official qualification). However if unsuccessful as long as the game can go ahead in a safe manner then let’s play!

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