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Basketball is one of the greatest sports in the world and basketballscotland is commited to making the game accessible to anyone who wants to play. The first core value we have identified for the sport is equity and we are actively pursuing initiatives that will make both our organisation and our sport more accessible to people of all backgrounds and abilities.

Here you will find useful links to organisations providing guidance and expertise for developing equity in sport. You will also find articles about basketballscotland actvities and news that relates to equity.

We Cannot Win Without You

Basketball Scotland is committed to improving access to and enjoyment of basketball for people of all backgrounds. Equity is one of our core values for the game. In order for us to live this value, we need to a clear understanding of who takes part in the game.

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Basketball is a team game, and we cannot win without you! Please take 5 minutes and support basketball and encourage your fellow players, coaches, officials, and volunteers to do the same.

Equity Standard: A Framework for Sport


Basketball Scotland, alongside the Scottish Equestrian Association and Triathlon Scotland have become the first three Scottish governing bodies of sport to be awarded the Foundation level of the Equity Standard: A Framework for Sport.

Following almost a year of dedicated work in the field of equity, the three governing bodies submitted their portfolios of evidence to the very first UK Assessment Panel in April, at which the panellists agreed that all three should be awarded Foundation level.

The fact that only six other organisations in the entire UK achieved Foundation level at this first panel makes the achievement even greater. Jill Bennett, Ethics Manager at sportscotland, said: “I am delighted to congratulate the Scottish Equestrian Association, Triathlon Scotland and basketballscotland on achieving the Foundation level of the Equity Standard. This is a significant achievement, and clearly demonstrates the commitment of these organisations to providing sporting opportunities to all members of Scottish society, regardless of their background or ability.

“These three organisations should be very proud of the fact that they are the first in Scotland – and indeed, some of the first in the entire UK – to successfully achieve this. The hard work and dedication of those who led this work is to be commended.”

The Equity Standard was launched in November 2004, and is a joint initiative between the four home country Sports Councils and UK Sport. It aims to support the work of the sports sector by providing a framework for sports organisations to help them to engage with people from all backgrounds, break down barriers to participation, and promote more equitable practices in their sports.

The ultimate aim of the Equity Standard is to get more people from under-represented or disengaged groups in society involved in sporting activity at all levels. The Standard focuses in particular on eliminating barriers currently faced by groups including women and girls, those from minority ethnic backgrounds and those with disabilities.

To achieve Foundation level of the Standard, organisations must be able to demonstrate that they are committed to equity. Practically, this involves taking action, including the publication and communication of an equity policy, setting accountability for equity at a senior level, and taking steps to better understand the equity position and profile of the organisation.

The aims of the Equity Standard support the overall strategic visions of Sport 21 2003-2007, the National Strategy for Sport in Scotland, one of which is for Scotland to be a country where sport is more widely available to all. Sport 21 is firmly founded on equitable values and principles, and clearly states that characteristics such as age, gender, disability, faith and ethnic origin should be no barrier to access to sport.

sportscotland is currently supporting twelve Scottish governing bodies that are piloting the implementation of the Equity Standard, and has also now submitted its own Foundation level portfolio for assessment at the June panel.

Scottish Equestrian Association, Triathlon Scotland and basketballscotland will now work towards achievement of the next stage of the Equity Standard, the Preliminary level.

Julia Bracewell, Chair of sportscotland, said: “Our congratulations go to the Scottish Equestrian Association, Triathlon Scotland and basketballscotland for being the first sporting governing bodies in Scotland to achieve the Foundation level of the Equity Standard.

“We know that many people face discrimination and barriers to participation in sport. If we can break down those barriers and ensure everyone enjoys equal opportunities to take part in sport, we will see an increase in participants, volunteers, coaches, administrators, officials, club members and spectators across sport at all levels. It is fantastic to see these three governing bodies leading the way in sports equity in Scotland.”