SBC Season Recap: Senior Men

April 13, 2017

The SBC season is now over. Our coaches, players, officials and volunteers will all try to get some rest in the coming months for next year.

We are continuing to give quick overview's of how this season's competitions have gone and which cabinet's the trophies will stay in for the next year. Our final recap, the Senior Men's Division.

SBC League, Scottish Cup and Playoff Champions: Sony Centre Fury

Fury dominated the Men's division this year finishing with a 16-2 record. They displayed a perimeter threat not seen before in the SBC which led to them scorching most of the competition. Their ability to go on a scoring run at any point meant that many teams struggled to keep up with them. They secured the Scottish Cup in February, closely followed by the League and then capped off the trifecta with the Playoff trophy a couple of weeks ago, their second sweep of the SBC trophies in just 3 years.

Honourable mention: Boroughmuir Blaze

Last season's League and Playoff Champions Boroughmuir Blaze got off to a slow start this season. However from December onwards proved to be the 2nd strongest team in the division with some very impressive victories over the top competition using their fast-paced style. On top of their resurgence in the League, Blaze managed to make the Scottish Cup and Playoff Final's giving Fury some of their closest contests of the season.