Recruiting – Be Aware Of

What should we assess before recruiting?

Club Framework

The first area of your club which should be analysed before answering this question is the effectiveness of the club’s governance and leadership. Will your governance ensure strong leadership and sustainability of the post? Your club should look to basketballscotland’s Bigger & Better Club Framework. Utilise our Club Self-Assessment Tool to see how the club score in each of the sustainability, organised and people sections of framework.

This should help form the discussion relating to ‘is our club ready to employ staff?’ If the club scores high in each of these sections, they may well be in a strong position to recruit. However, we would advise confirming this with your Club Services Manager for the region.

Don’t worry, if your club does not score well, the self-assessment will provide an action list and toolkits which the club should work through at their own pace. Completing these actions will enable the club to improve areas identified allowing an opportunity to score highly for the next assessment.

Will it meet our Vision?

Your club should assess the value of adding a paid staff member to your team. Your club should have gone through the process of formulating their long-term mission. This is also known as the clubs ‘Vision’.

Ultimately, the decision for employing a member of staff should be whether the position contributes to the club vision, either through delivery (e.g. coach or development officer) or support (e.g., administrator). The club development plan should detail how the member of staff will contribute to the growth of the club.

A business plan should be constructed ahead of the recruitment process. This will demonstrate the impact of the position and focuses leadership conversation ensuring the position delivery remains on track. For business plan support please click HERE.