Recruiting – Be Aware Of

Can your club afford to take on paid members of staff?

To demonstrate this, your club should demonstrate sound financial planning. Your club should look to forecast for 1 and 4 years as accurately as possible. Ultimately, the post should be sustainable to ensure sustainable progress which the financial plans should demonstrate. For financial planning support please click HERE. The club will be expected to demonstrate these financial plans to partners or funding sources.

There are many costs to consider when employing a member of staff. For example, national insurance contribution and taxes. Utilise the salary calculator, available HERE. Please be aware, this will not give a completely accurate reflection of the salary costs, but will provide an approximate.

The club may wish to identify external funding opportunities to help facilitate the recruitment. This may be through local sources. For example, your local authority may have programmes to recruit young people, or modern apprentice schemes. A good example of this is Fife Job Contract in Fife, a wage subsidy for employing young people in Fife. We have created a case study detailing an example of how two basketball clubs in Scotland utilised this funding, which also details similar funding opportunities in Scotland’s other local authorities which your club could use. Please find this attached HERE.

Finally, the club could look at national income generation opportunities. For example, sportscotland’s Direct Club Investment.

For local and national funding opportunities, please contact your Club Services Manager from basketballscotland who will help your club identify these opportunities.