Employment Toolkit

This toolkit aims to take your club through the process of employing staff. It also acts as a refresher to ensure the club’s employment practices are off good standard.

This area is split into 5 core areas, were the following information is provided:

  • Utilising this Toolkit: What is covered during each area of the toolkit in more detail and how to use each function of the toolkit.
  • Recruiting Be Aware Of: The purpose of recruiting, is your club in a good place to recruit and financing a staff position, choosing a payroll system.
  • Getting Started: Employed and self-employed information, how to register a worker and choosing a payroll system.
  • Taking on Staff: What do you need from the employee, what do to do with information gathered from the employee and records required to be kept.
  • Running a Payroll: Deductions to make, reports to send to HMRC, what to pay HMRC and Payslips.