Where to start when employing

Other Tasks: Including insurance requirements

Once you’ve registered with HMRC and chosen your payroll software, there are 6 other things you need to do when employing staff for the first time.

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4. Decide how much the club will pay the worker – you must pay them at least the National Minimum Wage or National Living Wage. Click HERE to find out more about the NMW.

5. Check the worker has the legal right to work in the UK – you may have to do other employment checks too, details of which can be found HERE.

6. The club may need to check someone’s criminal record if they apply for certain jobs – for example, working with children or in healthcare. To receive supporting guidelines on this, click HERE.

7. Get employers’ liability insurance as soon as you become an employer – Get in contact with your Club Services Manager for the region to check your status of employer’s liability insurance. This is a simple and cost effective way to ensure your club has adequate employers liability insurance.

8. Send the worker’s written details of their jobs – The club must give a written statement of employment to anyone you’re employing for more than a month. Guidelines on how to do this can be found HERE.

9. Check if the club need to automatically enrol staff into a workplace pension scheme – The club will have to provide a workplace pension for all eligible staff. Details on pensions can be found HERE.