What is At Our Heart?

We are excited to launch At Our Heart, a club endorsement tool which is a way to celebrate and recognise your club in areas which they succeed in, care about and are central to everything the club does, hence, ‘At Our Heart’.

We have purposefully made this tool simple for clubs to get involved with. Clubs can obtain an endorsement or a series of endorsements across core areas of the game and together, we can celebrate this achievement.

The areas of the game which can be celebrated are:

Our club –

  • Is Well Run (the entry point)
  • Is a Good Place to Play
  • Develops People
  • Is Engaged in our Community
  • Supports Player Potential
  • Makes a Difference to People’s Lives
  • Is Inclusive

The process of obtaining an endorsement is simple. In order to achieve a endorsement, the club must meet indicators which are not rigid, and clubs can demonstrate they meet indicators in various ways.

Your club will be celebrated through several platforms working with basketballscotland’s development and communications teams. Endorsement can be added to your club’s promotional materials, such as welcome letters to parents, flyers, website and social media pages to demonstrate you have governing body recognition for specific areas.

Once your club has obtained an endorsement, it doesn’t stop there. This is an ongoing process, and clubs that obtain endorsements will be assessed regularly, ensuring standards remain high in clubs.

Why At The Heart?

Clubs are at the heart of basketballscotland. They are vital to increasing participation, improving performance, identifying talent, developing people, delivering opportunities for the benefit of their local community and allowing people to experience enjoyment through basketball. At Our Heart will recognise, celebrate and promote clubs across the areas that are important to them, or are close to the heart to each club

How to get Involved

For an initial conversation to see how your club can get involved or to find our more, contact Adam:

For a PDF version of this information, please click here.

A Word from basketballscotland

‘At Our Heart is an opportunity for the basketball and wider community to understand what your club does well. It is also an opportunity for your club and basketballscotland to celebrate areas which your club cares about and are close to the heart of your club. There are 7 core areas, known as endorsements, for your club to achieve in. There is little doubt that your club may strive to do well in these areas, so why not celebrate this through a governing body recognition.

Clubs have fed back to us that they may use the ‘Our Club is Well Run’ endorsement in their welcome letter to parents, as there are assurances for parents that the club meets safeguarding standards. This alone is a great resource for clubs.

We have intentionally made the process of obtaining an endorsement as simple as possible as we recognise the time pressures of volunteers in our sport. Indicators to obtain an endorsement are also flexible and you can prove to us that you meet indicators in various ways. Our development team will work with clubs to ensure they keep their standards high allowing them to keep hold of their endorsement.’

– Adam Szymoszowskyj, National Development Manager