We are delighted to present the Scotland squads and coaches for the upcoming British Wheelchair Basketball Kukri National Junior Championships.

The championships are taking place on August 5th and 6th, at the University of Worcester Arena. This much-awaited competition serves as a crucial platform for young talent in the U14s and U18s age categories, bringing together the finest players from regional associations, Home Nations, and clubs.

The U14s competition will see teams participate in the 4v4 format. To encourage maximum participation, there will be no classification system in place. This means all teams, regardless of their level, are welcome to showcase their skills at the event. The U18s category will see representation from five teams hailing from three regional hubs across England, Scotland, and Wales.

Scotland U18

Jack Caird (Grampian Flyers)

Finlay Erskine (Lothian Phoenix)

Ben Flanigan (Lothian Phoenix)

Kai Goldie (Lothian Phoenix)

Shayne Humphries (Lothian Phoenix/Dundee Dragons)

Owen Leitch (Dundee Dragons)

Daniel McLaughlin (Glasgow Rollin Rocks)

David McLaughlin (Lothian Phoenix)

Roman Murray (Lothian Phoenix)

Charlie Redmond (Lothian Phoenix)

Head Coach | Mark Stevenson (Lothian Phoenix)

Team Manager | Brian Borland

Scotland White | U14

Jack Bissett (Lothian Phoenix)

Brandan Geddes (Grampian Flyers)

Julia Kryszak (Grampian Flyers)

Aiden Lowrey (Lothian Phoenix)

Owen Shannon (Lothian Phoenix)

Lea Smith (Lothian Phoenix)

Head Coach | Niall Ritchie (Lothian Phoenix)

Team Manager | Josh Bryson (Glasgow Rollin Rocks)

Scotland Blue | U14

Yannick Embley (National Academy)

Josh Kitchen (Lothian Phoenix)

Charlie Mailer (Perth Eagles/Dundee Dragons)

Gregor Owen (Grampian Flyers)

Amy Smith (Lothian Phoenix)

Harris Willox (Grampian Flyers)

Head Coach | Conor Smart (Lothian Phoenix)

Team Manager | Bryan Stevens (Inverness Lions)

Tournament Schedule

U14s Schedule

Saturday 27th May

Saturday 5th August

10:00 | Yorkshire vs Wales

10:40 | Scotland White vs Dreigiau Cymru

11:20 | Mohawks  vs Cymru

12:00 | Scotland Blue vs Bears Cubs

12:40 | Scotland White vs Wales

13:20 | Dreigiau Cymru vs Yorkshire

14:00 | Cymru vs Scotland Blue

14:40 | Bears Cubs vs Mohawks

15:20 | Dreigiau Cymru vs Mohawks

16:00 | Yorkshire vs Scotland White

16:40 | Bears Cubs vs Cymru

17:20 | Mohawks vs Scotland Blue

Sunday 6th August

9:00 | 1st Pool A vs 4th Pool B

9:40 | 1st Pool B vs 4th Pool A

10:20 | 2nd Pool A  vs 3rd Pool B

11:00 | 2nd Pool B vs 3rd Pool A

11:40 | Loser 13 vs Loser 14

12:20 | Winner 13 vs Winner 14

13:00 | Winner 15 vs Winner 16

13:40 | Loser 15 vs Loser 16

14:20 | 3rd/th

15:00 | Final 

Saturday 5th August

10:00 | South vs Central

11:45 | North vs Wales

13:30 | Central vs Scotland

15:15 | Wales vs South

17:00 | Scotland vs North

Sunday 6th August

09:00 | Wales vs Central

10:45 | Scotland vs South

12:30 | Central vs North

14:15 | Wales vs Scotland

1600 | South vs North