basketballscotland position on Soho Wealth SBC Playoffs

On Friday last week (March 13th), basketballscotland announced the postponement of all competitions for an initial period of two weeks, noting that this was likely to extend.

Like many other sporting organisations, we are now working through the options to conclude – or the need to cancel – these competitions.  We want to provide some clarity in relation to the Soho Wealth SBC Playoffs to assist with club planning.

Our three core principles we are working to are:

  • The health and wellbeing of participants is of paramount importance and we do not wish to put this at risk.
  • Where it is possible and practical, we would work to find the opportunity to conclude competitions.  (In particular, we would like to conclude those playoffs which decide promotion so that these matters can be decided on the court).
  • We will work to provide clear and regular communication and information to help clubs make their own decisions

Our approach with the Soho Wealth SBC Playoffs is to phase decision making in the following way. Decisions will be based on the timing of a basketballscotland Board decision to return to a full basketball programme, which will be informed by any national guidance.  Here are three possible timelines that we will work to:

  • Guidance received by end of April – work to schedule playoffs for late May and early June
  • Guidance received by 12 June – consult with clubs on opportunity to hold playoffs during preseason (late August, early September) with any decision confirmed by the end of June.
  • No guidance received by 12 June – 2020 playoffs cancelled and focus shifted to decisions required for the 20-21 season, with decisions communicated by the end of June.

For the sake of clarity, our current view based on the information available is that the first option outlined above would appear to be an unlikely scenario at this time.

If we do have the opportunity to conclude this season’s competitions, we may have to adjust the delivery of these competitions and/or prioritise competitions depending on facility available and other factors.

We will endeavour to communicate clearly and regularly as the situation develops.