Scotland Triumphs in Return of the Celtic Cup Wheelchair Basketball Tournament

After a long hiatus since 2016, the Celtic Cup returned with a bang at the sportscotland National Sports Training Centre Inverclyde this weekend. The tournament saw the top players from Scotland, Ireland, and Northern Ireland compete fiercely for the prestigious title. With the support of sponsors AB Sports Performance and Gallery 48, our Scotland team dominated the court from the very beginning. The squad, boasting a mix of seasoned players and fresh talent, demonstrated exceptional skill and teamwork.

The tournament kicked off with Ireland facing Northern Ireland, resulting in a 41-57 victory for Northern Ireland. However, Scotland’s games were the highlight of the event, with the team delivering resounding victories in each game.

Scotland vs Ireland: 79-34 | Scotland started their campaign with an impressive win over Ireland. The team’s coordination and strategy were evident as they secured a commanding lead early in the game.

Scotland vs Northern Ireland: 81-48 | Continuing their winning streak, Scotland faced Northern Ireland next. A strong second quarter saw Scotland get a healthy lead. Our players exhibited remarkable offensive and defensive skills, leading to another decisive victory.

Northern Ireland vs Ireland: 66-69 | In a closely contested game, Ireland managed to edge out Northern Ireland with a narrow 66-69 win, showcasing the competitive spirit of the tournament.

Scotland vs Ireland: 56-36 | Scotland once again faced Ireland, and despite Ireland’s best efforts, Scotland’s consistent performance across four quarters secured a solid 56-36 victory.

Scotland vs Northern Ireland: 92-43 | The final game saw Scotland deliver their most dominant performance yet. With an outstanding 92-43 win over Northern Ireland, Scotland cemented their place at the top of the standings.

Final Standings

1. Scotland

2. Northern Ireland

3. Ireland

Tina Gordon, basketballscotland’s Inclusion Manager, commented on the success of the event: “The return of the Celtic Cup has been a phenomenal success. It’s fantastic to see the tournament back after so many years. Scotland’s success is a testament to the hard work and dedication of all our players and coaching staff. We are incredibly proud of the team and excited for the future of wheelchair basketball in Scotland.”

The Celtic Cup’s triumphant return not only marks a significant achievement for the team, but also highlights the promising future of wheelchair basketball in the country. With a blend of experienced players and emerging talents, Scotland is set for continued success in future tournaments.

Celtic Cup All Star Five

Conor Coughlan | Ireland

Nathan McCabe | Northern Ireland

Finlay Erskine | Scotland

Conn Nagle | Northern Ireland

Ethan Leonard | Ireland

Celtic Cup MVP

Ben Leitch | Scotland