basketballscotland is delighted to announce the roster of players and coaching staff for the Scotland team at next month’s Celtic Cup, scheduled for the 6th and 7th of July 2024. This year’s team features a blend of seasoned veterans and promising young talent, all ready to showcase their skills and represent Scotland with pride.

We look forward to seeing the team in action and encourage fans to come out and support our national team at this exciting event.

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David Beattie (Lothian Phoenix)

Ronnie Cassels (Mohawks)

Finlay Erskine (Lothian Phoenix)

Ben Flanigan (Lothian Phoenix)

Shayne Humphries (Dundee Dragons/Lothian Phoenix)

Oscar Knight (Iberconsa Amfiv, Spain)

Ben Leitch (Menarini Juventut, Spain)

Josh Manson (Lothian Phoenix)

Daniel McLaughlin (Coventry Crusaders)

Charlie Redmond (Lothian Phoenix)

Lea Smith (Lothian Phoenix)

Finley Tonner (Manchester Revolution)

Reserve | Jack Caird (Grampian Flyers/Lothian Phoenix)

Reserve | David Ion (Mohawks)

Reserve | Paul Sloan (Lothian Phoenix)

Head Coach | Mark Stevenson

Assistant Coach | Niall Ritchie

Team Manager | Brian Borland