Change to Uniform Rules 23-24

basketballscotland have made changes to domestic regulations ahead of the 2023-24 season to allow teams to compete in dark coloured shorts alongside their light playing top in an effort to reduce the anxiety of playing in white shorts whilst being on your period.

Traditionally teams have been required to compete in matching light shorts and jersey for home fixtures. This change comes in response to a request from the basketball community in Scotland and alongside other Governing Bodies in basketball and other sports around the world. This change in the regulations applies to all domestic basketball in Scotland, at club, school and university level, as well as in basketballscotland delivered national programmes.

“This is a really positive adaptation of our regulations and something that we hope will ease anxiety for players competing whilst on their periods. Athletes have enough to navigate and manage when it comes to periods and sport so we hope that having the option, as a team, to compete in dark shorts will remove any unnecessary anxiety that currently exists.

“We hope this is a helpful starting point for conversations between players and their clubs and coaches around periods and the impact it can have on participation and performance, ” Amy Kirkhouse, basketballscotland’s Social Impact Lead, said.

Rona Lightbody, Gladiators SBC player and member of basketballscotland’s Women & Girls Steering Group, said “After seeing other sports make positive changes I wanted to reach out and see if Basketball Scotland could do similar. Removing the worry of light coloured strips should really help with one of the many factors an athlete with periods can face. We are athletes first and foremost and therefore playing should be our sole focus whether you’re starting your basketball journey or nearing the end of it. Leaks happen but being able to have them be less obvious or even unnoticeable to everyone else should remove some worries.”

These changes will be reflected in section 7 of the 2023-24 rules.