Club communication advice: Zoom

Through consultation with several member clubs, basketballscotland has identified communication to be a key area of concern for those working behind the scenes on club committees across the country.

Over the last few weeks, whilst staff have been working remotely as part of our business continuity plan, basketballscotland has been utilising Zoom as a method of hosting group conference calls and  meetings online.  Zoom, alongside alternatives such as Microsoft Teams, has become an extremely popular way for people to stay connected at a time when working remotely is essential for the majority of organisations.

Zoom is available to use with a free standard package, although clubs are able to purchase additional features if or when required. The website allows everyone taking part in the meeting to come together face to face, so it feels that you and your team/club are in the same room. It’s easy for everyone to join via your computer or mobile device, with video and audio options both available which helps to continue important conversations within clubs.

Zoom also allows you to share your screen, meaning documents and files can be discussed and viewed by all members on the call. The basic Zoom package allows for up to 100 people to participate in the call, which last for up to 45 minutes.

The key benefits of using Zoom:

  • Host up to 100 participants on a call
  • Have unlimited team or individual meetings
  • Up to 45 minute video conferences
  • Share your screen
  • Join the meeting via phone or computer
  • Audio and video connections available

How to use Zoom:

  1. Sign up for free using the link
  2. Set up a meeting following the website’s instructions
  3. Share the meeting code and/or link with participants
  4. Join the meeting via the link shared
  5. Enjoy your conversation!

More help:

Please click the below links to find various help pages and support for setting up and using the website and app:

Getting started with Zoom

Zoom help page