Covid-19 Update

Following the advice issued by both the Scottish and British Government this afternoon, we want to provide an update on basketballscotland’s current position in relation to competitions and events.

To note again, this is a complex landscape and is changing regularly and it is likely that both the Government advice and basketballscotland decisions will change over the coming days and weeks.  We will endeavour to respond quickly and communicate effectively through this challenging period.

The current position, based on Government advice is:

  • It is our intention that scheduled matches, competitions and events should go ahead as planned at this time.  This includes this weekend’s Youth Division 1 Play Off Semi Finals (Dundee), Youth Division 2 and NDL Play-offs (Grangemouth) and Senior Play Off Semi Finals (club venues).
  • We want to give due consideration to the wellbeing of all participants and as such we are asking for the support of clubs and players to take as much precaution as practically possible to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  These steps include:
    • Self-Isolation:
      • Any participant (including spectators) with symptoms which could indicate Coronavirus should not attend events, games, training or club events
      • We are working up a screening protocol with partners which we hope to provide tomorrow to assist with this
      • Where a club is impacted by multiple players having to self-isolate, these players will be considered unavailable to play and we will consider these cases in line with the regulations on game cancellation.  Please speak to us at the earliest opportunity should this be a possibility.
    • At risk / underlying conditions:
      • We want to assure anyone who feels they are high risk or who has an underlying medical condition that there is no pressure to participate
    • Game protocol:
      • All players attending games should be requested to wash hands thoroughly pre-game, at half time and after the game.
      • Players attending games should be encouraged to bring hand sanitiser if they have it available and use it during matches
  • While basketballscotland would ideally provide hand sanitiser for all clubs at central venue events, the reality of the current situation is that this will not be able for us to procure in the quantities required, if at all.
      • Pre- and post-match handshakes will not be required part of game protocol
        • Where players/teams wish to show respect to opposition, an “elbow bump” can be used at agreement of both teams

Future steps:

  • At this time we are not ruling out any future steps or actions and will continue to monitor and respond to the situation and the advice we receive.
  • Future steps may include:
    • Full cancellation of all basketball for a period of time
    • Cancellation of specific events or programmes
    • Games or events played behind closed doors
  • We would ask clubs to be ready to act quickly should the advice change, to communicate with their members and to act in the best interests of the game and the participants.
  • On our part, we will work to communicate advice as early and as clearly as possible

If you have questions please get in touch and we will endeavour to answer them to the best of our ability.