Staff at basketballscotland are taking part in a fitness challenge throughout the month of April as part of basketballscotland’s commitment to SAMH’s Mental Health Charter for Physical Activity & Sport.

Physical activity through sport or recreation has been proven to have a positive impact on both physical and mental health and wellbeing. SAMH’s Charter – which is supported by athletes such as Sir Chris Hoy – encourages promotion of inclusive practise and participation to ensure a positive and welcoming environment. The charter offers support and guidance from SAMH for workplaces to take action on mental health.

Throughout April, basketballscotland’s staff from across the country will all take part in the challenge, which aims to increase activity levels of staff members in a fun and engaging manner. The challenge will also educate staff on the link between exercise and improved mental health.

Colin Gregor, Head of Operations at basketballscotland, recognises the importance of the Charter and hopes more organisations will get involved:

“Focusing on better mental health is really important and we hope that by paying attention to each of the SAMH ‘5 ways to better mental health’ over the next five months will make sure everybody working at basketballscotland is aware of how they can improve their own mental health. It is also another way to build some team spirit so we see it as a win win. Who knows, maybe we will challenge some other governing bodies to get involved too.”

A target of 4 million steps and 200 hours of active minutes has been set by the team, with regular updates being provided throughout the month via basketballscotland’s social channels.

For further information about the Charter visit: