Information for 2017-18 Youth National Squads

24th August 2017

basketballscotland are delighted to confirm information regarding the Youth National Teams at U16 and U18 age groups for the upcoming season. Information on U14 and U15 National Assessment Sessions will be shared later this year.

Deadline for submissions to the U16 and U18 age groups is Friday 1st September at 5pm, with National Assessment Sessions taking place on 9th and 10th September.

Talent Principles

basketballscotland Development & Performance staff have been working in partnership with Stanger Pro Talent Consultancy, to review our current pathway and performance models. Together, we have recognised the need for change and that our players need to be at the centre of our vision and values.

As such we’ve developed a set of evidence based principles which will help us change our basketball culture, whilst assisting us in developing basketball players capable of competing on the world stage.

We will be delivering a series of workshops for parents and coaches to help our players and to embed these principles within school, club and national team environments.

Our Talent Principles and Values are listed below:

1. Players progress at different rates and we will offer a wide range of opportunities to develop key skills throughout our player development model [Value: PROGRESS]

2. Current performance can be limited in predicting future success and the focus of our player selection and retention process is to establish current levels of performance, detail individual development priorities and identify players who consistently do what it takes to maximise their potential [Values: DEDICATION & PROGRESS]

3. We recognise the importance of key behaviours in driving success and we strive to develop players who consistently; focus effort in key areas, embrace challenges, overcome setbacks, listen and learn from feedback and take ownership of their own development [Values: RESPONSIBILITY & DEDICATION]

4. We design our competition structure to provide opportunities for players to learn the skills they need to succeed at elite level [Value: PROGRESS]

5. To ensure players are effectively prepared for elite performance we will review their progress against world class standards [Values: PROGRESS & RESPONSIBILITY]

6. We recognise the investment of time and motivation required to maximise potential and we commit to help players understand and contribute to key aspects of the on-going development process [Values: RESPONSIBILITY & TEAMWORK]

Youth National Team Nomination and Readiness Process

1. Player consistently focuses effort in key areas, embraces challenges, overcomes setbacks, listens and learns from feedback and takes ownership of their own development and lives our basketballscotland values

2. Player meets minimum age group standards as detailed in the GB Club Skills Guide

3. Coach discusses Player Driven Profiling with Player

4. Player submits jotform, Player Driven Profiling, including photograph and sends to basketballscotland (Deadline: Friday 01 September, 2017)

5. Coach submits nomination form to basketballscotland (Deadline: Friday 01 September, 2017)

6. basketballscotland acknowledge receipt of application (Please note that only applications with both Player and Coach submissions will be processed).

7. basketballscotland review nominations and contact player and club coach and the player is either:

  • Provided with feedback which is shared with their coach to highlight appropriate next steps in terms of development
  • Invited to attend the National Assessment Session at Oriam, Edinburgh (09 September: Women, 10 September – Men)                           

8. Player attends National Assessment Session and the player is either:

  •       Provided with feedback which is shared with their coach to highlight appropriate next steps in terms of development
  •       Player invited to attend National Team Training Programme

Youth National Team Readiness Policy

The Performance Team at basketballscotland strives to produce basketball players capable of competing on the world stage. The journey to success is long and hard and we are firmly committed to ensuring we encourage ALL our players to be the best they can be.

Throughout our pathway there are a range of development opportunities and our Youth National Team process is designed to connect players to training and competition opportunities based on their readiness to make the most of them. As such we don’t SELECT or DESELECT players – we only assess if the player is currently able to maximise their learning from each opportunity.

A key aspect of this process is ensuring players are physically ready to make the most of the learning opportunities at National Youth Team level. This is crucial to success and as players can work on this in their own time, we see this as ‘non-negotiable’. As this area is so important to success, our Youth National Team staff regularly evaluate: Upper body strength, Lower body strength, Core Stability, Speed, Speed Agility and Stamina. We ask that clubs and coaches please DO NOT nominate players who are currently not physically ready to make the most of this development opportunity.

In addition to the physical assessment, our game requires technical skill, tactical awareness, accurate decision making and the ability to work as a team. All of these aspects will be evaluated on an ongoing basis. The technical and tactical elements of the game are highlighted in the GB Club Skills guide. This competency guide should be taken as the minimum benchmark of a player’s ability at their age group. Therefore, players and club coaches should be aware of the GB Club Skills Guide and the minimum standards anticipated for Youth National Team Readiness.

For coaching staff wishing to nominate players to be considered for U16 & U18 National Teams please review the CSG (Skills overview by age) and complete the form HERE.

Player Driven Profiling

basketballscotland believes in operating an athlete driven approach to learning and coaching. As such we have introduced a new Player Driven Profiling tool to assist both our players and coaching staff. The profiling tool will help players stay focussed on their goals, whilst allowing them to develop areas of their game which need improvement. In turn, this ensures that our coaching staff are kept informed about the players focus, motivation and goals during set times throughout a basketball season. This profiling will also encourage players to seek and for coaching staff to give feedback based on the players training programme and season goals.

For players wishing to be considered for U16 & U18 National Teams:

  1. Watch the sportscotland video to help you understand why it’s important to plan and write down your aims and objectives HERE.
  2. Read the Talent Principles, basketballscotland values and CSG (Skills Overview by Age)
  3. Complete the registration form HERE
  4. Compete and attach the Player Driven Profiling form HERE
  5. Attach a profile photograph

Youth National Team Coaching Staff – Expression of Interest

For coaches wishing to participate in the basketballscotland performance programme during season 2017-18, please complete the google form and attach the coach profile below:

  • Complete the expression of interest form (Deadline: Friday 01 September, 2017) HERE.
  • Compete and attach the Coach Profile form HERE.
  • Attach a profile photograph