10 coaches were engaged in the basketballscotland Mentoring programme during 2017/18.  These coaches have met regularly with experts in the mentoring field to develop their coaching practices.  7 of the 10 coaches are now progressing into year 2 with methods to track the changes in their coaching and how they have developed.  These coaches are:

Jen Scally

Stacey Macdonald

Jenny Simpson

Donnie MacDonald

Craig Nicol

Darryl Wood

Bart Sengers

They have all committed to continue to develop their skills as a coach in several ways:

  1. Work with their Mentor to create a Personal Development Plan
  2. Search for opportunities to develop areas of their coaching as required
  3. Prepare a presentation to explain their journey over the 2 years
  4. Return skills gained back into the sport. Either by mentoring within their club or for basketballscotland

We are now looking for a second cohort of coaches who are eager to develop themselves and be part of the mentoring programme.  Details can be found HERE.