Basketball in Scotland continues to get bigger and better every day. We know that this growth is down to the hard work of our Clubs who work tirelessly to provide opportunities and development pathways for players in Scotland.

At basketballscotland, we want to do a better job of promoting the work our clubs are doing by creating a new way for sharing success stories. Think you have a story worth sharing? Simply follow the instructions below and your club could feature on basketballscotland’s channels.

Is someone at your club going above and beyond to make basketball in your area bigger? Do you have a special story about one of your players, coaches or volunteers? Is there something exciting happening at your club that you want more people to find out about?

All of these stories could feature. All you have to do, is email with a bit of background text on the story and a picture that we can use and basketballscotland will do the rest.

While we can’t promise to post every story we receive, we will do our best to give as many stories the recognition and credit that they deserve.