Referee Webinars

FIBA Referee Instructor, Johnny Jacobs, is hosting three webinars for Scottish referees covering a range of topics.

 To join, email for details.

Dates, times and topics are below:

Thursday 20th August @ 19:00 – Unsportsmanlike Foul

Thursday 27th August, @ 19:00 – Trail and Centre Officiating

As a lot of Scottish officials do not work in a 3PO situation on a regular basis, please do not discount this session.
A lot of the session covers trail mechanics which is equally important whether in 2PO or 3PO.

Email or phone Robert Bald Senior (07720 403074) for webinar log in details

Wednesday 2nd September @ 19:00 – New Rules for 2021 Season

This webinar is not only available for Referees, but for coaches, Table Officials, Club Leaders, Players and anyone else who is interested in learning about the new rules changes.

Email to join in the webinar