SBC Cup interview: Adam Hammerschmidt

With just three more days until St Mirren face Boroughmuir Blaze in the Final of the Senior Men’s SBC Scottish Cup, St Mirren’s Adam Hammerschmidt – who has won the Cup twice before with Sony Centre Fury – discusses the Final, his experience, Blaze and St Mirren’s new-look team.

How do you feel about qualifying for the senior men’s Scottish Cup Final for the second year in a row?

I feel very good about it as these opportunities can’t be taken for granted. It will be an exciting game and I encourage all our fans to come to the Lagoon and support us.

Last year you won the Cup with Fury and were named as the MVP of the tournament, how do you aim to replicate this success with St Mirren?

My primary goal is, and always has been, to win. Everything else will take care of itself. We have a very talented group of players and I am confident that any of one of us can be named as MVP. It will all depend on the individual match-ups and coaching strategy.

You beat City of Edinburgh in the semi-final, what pleased you the most about that performance?

Prior to joining St Mirren, my record against Kings has been rather humble. 2-9, I believe. Being 3-0 against them this season is splendid.

St Mirren beat Blaze by three in the Cup quarter-final last year, how do you aim to ensure history repeats itself again this season?

I don’t know as I wasn’t there. Given that we have a new coach and a number of new players, we generally aren’t looking to repeat history, but rather create something new and leave our own legacy.

What are you expecting from Boroughmuir Blaze?

We are expecting them to have studied all our plays and know these inside out prior to the game and play with a lot of energy consistently throughout the game.

What do you think are the key similarities and differences between the two teams in terms of styles of play?

The key similarity between the two teams is the fact that each starter can score in double-digits, but I believe that our bench is stronger.

Who have you earmarked as Blaze’s biggest threat?

Blaze plays good team basketball. They move and shoot the ball well. As such, we don’t focus on individual players, but rather focus on containing them as team.

Where does the Scottish Cup win rank in your basketball achievements?

It would be my fifth overall trophy and third cup trophy after three cup final appearances. In terms of where it ranks, I would have to say that my first ever Scottish trophy and MVP award, the cup final against Blaze in 2017, will likely still rank as one of my favourites. Simply because it was my first.

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