SBC Cup interview: Emma Findlay

City of Edinburgh Kats face Lady Rocks in next weekend’s SBC Scottish Cup Final and, with both teams battling it out at the top of the League, Kats’ Emma Findlay discusses the opposition, Kats’ unbeaten start to the season and how the game could provide an advantage in the race for League and Playoff success.

How do you feel about qualifying for the senior women’s Scottish Cup Final?

It’s always great when you have the opportunity to play in the cup final. It’s the showcase event of the season and one our team has worked hard to get to.

You beat Lady Rocks by a point in the League, does that give the team confidence in the Cup final?

A win will always give a team confidence but 1 point shows theres not much between us and rocks. It’s anyone’s for the taking on the day.

The team is unbeaten so far this campaign, what has been the key to that success?

We have worked hard at our defence this season which I feel has been strong in crucial games. Our offence style has changed and player strengths are showing from this. We have a 12 player deep team and everyone is working well together.

You claimed the victory over Sony Centre Fury in the semi-final, what pleased you the most about that performance?

It wasnt an easy game, fury always fight until the end. To come away with the win, with all players stepping up make the performance.

What are you expecting from Lady Rocks?

They will be up for the win from the start. Aggressive in defence and experienced in offence. They are a talented team and one I always enjoy playing against.

What do you think are the key similarities and differences are between the two teams in terms of styles of play?

I think we have more similarities than differences. Equally strong around the perimeter and inside, pressured defence to force errors and the want to come away with the win. It will be a great game.

Looking ahead, do you think the winner of the Cup will have the advantage going into the last few League games and the Playoffs?

It will give the winning team confidence going into the second half of the season but there’s still time for league positions to change. The playoffs will be a hard fought event and with it being game to game performances who knows what will happen.