For this week’s SBC Game of the Week, we will be in Edinburgh this weekend to watch City of Edinburgh Kats play host to St. Mirren in the semi-finals of the women’s playoffs. With both team’s having faced each other twice during the season and each registered a win against the other, this will be anyone’s game come Sunday afternoon to determine who advances to the Women’s playoff final.

The visitors, St. Mirren finished at the top of the Women’s Division 1 with a 13-2 record after pulling off some impressive wins against some of the best competition in both Division 1 and the Premier division.

We caught up with St. Mirren coach, Chris Cleary who had the following to say ahead of Sunday’s fixture;

After a great season and a tough first playoff game we are excited to be in the semi finals against the number one team in the country. After winning one game each I am sure Sunday will be a great competitive game.

City of Edinburgh Kats finished the season with a 13-2 record in the Premier Division allowing them to clinch the season title.

City of Edinburgh Kats will play host to St. Mirren at 1:00 pm on Sunday the 18th March at Portobello High School.

If you’re at the game, let us know by tweeting us @basketballscot and using #SBCGotW