This week, the basketballscotland GOTW team will be in Paisley to watch St. Mirren West College Scotland Senior Women play host City of Edinburgh Senior Women.

The visitors and winners of last year’s Scottish Cup, City of Edinburgh Kats come into Friday’s game so far unbeaten in the league, having handed losses to West Lothian Wolves, Polonia Phoenix, Tayside Musketeers and most recently, Edinburgh University on Wednesday night, winning 58-50.

“We have started well despite being short of a few players for various reasons.  However, it is very early in the season, so it doesn’t mean anything at this stage,” Said City of Edinburgh Coach, Ben Gunn. “St Mirren will be another challenge.  As always, they will have some good young players blended with their experienced players as their development programme is first class and their placement in the lower division is down to circumstance rather than ability.”

St. Mirren have only played one game so far in the SBC league, winning 76-53 against Glasgow Fever.

“This season has been really positive thus far with everyone working at practice throughout the summer to improve,” says St. Mirren Coach, Chris Cleary. “With a win in week one we are looking forward to the challenge of facing one of the best teams in the league on Friday.”

St. Mirren SW will host City of Edinburgh SW this Friday 29th September at the Lagoon Leisure Centre, Paisley with tip-off at 8.15pm

If you’re at the game, let us know by tweeting us @basketballscot and using the #SBCGotW