Sony Centre Fury braved Storm Ali as they made the journey to St Maurice’s for this weeks SBC Game of the Week against Lady Rocks, who they shared a 1-1 record with. In a competitive fixture, it was the home side who came out victorious, winning 65-47.

The opening quarter got off to a very slow start for both teams as the basket had a lid on it. Nadele Strain, Yhanna Van Wees and Taylor McKeown were all finding open looks for Coach Haldane’s Rocks but only mustered 3 baskets through the first half of the period.

On Fury’s side, it was as equally quiet for their offensive leaders who also struggled to hit anything as Coach Bunyan took off his core and replaced them with youngsters Eabha Kerr and her peers. The first period ended 8-6 in favour of the home side.

The second quarter started off on a better foot for Lady Rocks, after strong words from Haldane, the fast break was working. Fury’s transition defence fell apart as Rocks climed out to a 17-9 lead early on. Shannon Flippard checked in for Bunyan’s squad to bring some intensity back onto the floor but it proved of no avail, as Rocks continued to cause issues. Stopping Fury getting out of their own half became the norm for a period as they racked up the quick buckets. The first half ended 39-18.

The second half started much the same as the second with everything falling for Rocks. Fury answered back with a few deep perimeter shots but it didn’t knock off Rocks’ dominance. Van Wees was the driving force behind Rocks’ engine as co-leader Erin Gilbride was struggling with injury. Fury’s Kim Flockhart attempted to get her girls back into the game but Strain and Shannon McAuley from Rocks made sure that attempt was short lived. Closing out the penultimate quarter, Rocks made stake on the win leading 54-33.

Much like the start of the game, it was a slow start in the final quarter. Fury would be looking to claw back into the game and come from behind to secure victory. A comeback was on from Fury late in the quarter as shots started falling. The start of an interesting end this this edition of SBC Game of the Week. Lady Rocks managed to hold on despite the makes from the Fury guards.

Van Wees, along with Gilbride, held Fury at bay as they held on to secure victory, 65-47.