Club communication advice: Spond

Through consultation with several member clubs, basketballscotland has identified communication and keeping engaged with players, coaches and volunteers to be a key area of concern for those working behind the scenes in clubs across the country.

Spond is a free platform designed to deliver all the best bits of participating and nothing else. They streamline and simplify everything in one app so that volunteering doesn’t mean signing your life away. It saves organizers hours every week, ensures attendances, manages communications and collects money.

Case Study: Inverness City Lions basketball Club

Over the past few weeks we have been using our Club Spond app to update parents with important information and engage with players at home to set up home training groups that include skill, endurance and strength sessions.

We have also used the Zoom app which was highlighted by basketballscotland last week for our strength sessions, one player leads the session and the others join in, they can all see and interact with each other, it’s great.

We feel it is essential to try and stay engaged with our membership during these trying times, especially with the players to help them stay motivated, still feel part of the club and have some structure to their home training.

Are you doing anything at your club you would like to share with the Basketball community?

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The key benefits of using Spond:

  • Invite members to practices, games or other team activitiesHave unlimited team or individual meetings.
  • Share information, files, photos and pollsShare your screen.
  • Send private messages or create group conversations.

Spond is a multi-platform service.

How do I get started as an admin and create a group?

  • Create a Spond profile in the app or at
  • Go to your profile and click on ‘Groups’ followed by ‘Create group’
  • Enter a group name and optionally create subgroups
  • Specify the activity (basketball, coaches, volunteers) and age group (children, adults or mixed) of your group.
  • Create a group description which will be presented to new members when they are invited
  • Click ‘Create group’ to finish setting up the group
  • Edit group settings such as custom member fields or admin roles
  • Invite members. Read more.

More help:

Please click the below links to find various help pages and support for setting up and using the app:

Getting started with Spond                       

Spond help page