Summer of Celebration – Meah

Summer of Celebration: Meah


Meah fell in love with basketball the very first time she played it. Despite having a burning passion to play the game she adores, Meah is faced with some challenges every time she takes to the court. Meah has Marfan syndrome (a disorder of the body’s connective tissues) and Hypermobility syndrome (pain in her joints). She was initially advised not to play basketball due to her high pain levels, but her love of the game overrides the pain she endures.

Meah’s mum, Catherine, told basketballscotland that prior to picking up a basketball Meah had extremely low confidence levels. This was incredibly tough for her mum to watch. However, after a conversation with Mrs Calvert, head teacher at Meah’s school, Glenboig Primary, Coatbridge, the school took the life-changing decision to make the basketball sessions more inclusive, so that Meah could participate.

What a fantastic move that proved to be. Meah’s fiery passion was ignited. Her confidence sky-rocketed and her love for the game soared. There was no holding her back. She joined the after-school clubs, lunch time training sessions, and the school team, who play in the basketballscotland Regional Development League.

She would be in pain whilst playing. She would return from school exhausted. For Meah, the sacrifice was worth it. Her mum has noticed a boost to Meah’s confidence, improved self-esteem and overall quality of life. She credits the sport of basketball as being the catalyst for this amazing change in Meah’s life. She stated that Meah has gone from a sad girl to blooming and being bright and happy. All because of basketball.

Sadly, Meah has had to shield during the ongoing pandemic because her little brother is very poorly with lung problems. However, the basketball in the garden has not stopped. Even in the rain.

Meah is gutted that she’s leaving Glenboig Primary this year for high school as she loves how passionate the school is about basketball. However, she hopes to continue playing the sport in high school and beyond.

Meah’s mum elaborated on how proud she was of her daughter for showing so much courage in the face of adversity:

“As a mum to watch Meah’s confidence grow, her acceptance of who she is and just her determination to play and enjoy basketball when there are so many restrictions against her is humbling. I cannot put into works just how proud of her I am.”

Sport changes lives. Basketball changes lives. The positive impact picking up a basketball has had on Meah from Glenboig Primary is testament to this.

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basketballscotland would once again like to thank its community for coming together during these difficult times. We hope you remain happy, healthy, safe and well as the lockdown restrictions begin to ease up during the next week or so.