Kristine Johnson

Who are you? What is your involvement in basketball?

My name is Kristine Johnson, I’m Director for HR at basketballscotland (volunteering role) and employed Chief Officer HR & OD at Stirling Council. I became involved in basketball about 6 years ago when my son joined a local team. They were needing table officials for their games, so I decided that it would be a good challenge and set about learning the role. I’ve been a table official at club games but also national school competitions and Cup Finals. I’m always impressed by how inclusive basketball is, with male, female, running and wheelchair games. The Jr. NBA programme in schools provides opportunities for children who might otherwise not have had the chance to try basketball.

Why did you want to become a table official? What motivates you to keep doing it? 

As a table official you work as a team, with the referees, enabling the players an opportunity to compete, which in turn gives spectators something to watch. Basketball is a skilled game and in learning to be a table official I have a greater understanding of what is happening. It’s a great seat from which to watch a game!

I enjoy being part of a positive team, providing young people the opportunity to participate in this great team sport. It is good for my mental wellbeing and I meet lots of different people, players, coaches, referees and table officials – a game needs 3 of us.

Tell us about a female role model who has inspired you?

Robin Love, who is a GB wheelchair basketball player, inspires me! It was great to see the team win medals at the European and World Championships. Fingers crossed for medal success at the Paralympic Games! Robin is also a Director on the Board.

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