After listening to many members of the community, we are excited to begin the process of creating a Scottish Basketball Hall of Fame. We’ve sought the input of a number of members of the community to develop an initial outline and are looking for the wider basketball community to drive this initiative with basketballscotland providing administrative support. There are 3 areas we are now looking for your support with:
  1. Nominations for the “Hall of Fame” and “Significant Contributions to the Game” (see below for details)
  2. Expressions of Interest to Chair the Selection Panel for the “Hall of Fame”
  3. Expressions of Interest to join the Selection Panel for the “Hall of Fame”

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame will recognise achievement and performance at the highest levels of the game – those who have excelled as a player, coach or official.
Criteria for the Hall of Fame:
– Any coach nominated must be retired for at least 4 years, or have been active for a minimum of 25 years
– Any player nominated must be retired for at least 4 years from top level basketball
Nominations will be inducted through the following eras:
  • 1960 and before
  • 1961 – 1980
  • 1981 – 2000
  • 2001 – 2020

Significant Contribution to the Game

Alongside the Hall of Fame, as part of the celebrations for the 75th anniversary of basketballscotland, we will celebrate Significant Contributions to the Game. This will recognise the fantastic work of those who are the heartbeat of basketball in Scotland, those who have had a major impact on the game and the basketball community in Scotland. This could be club volunteers or it may be a coach or official who has had a positive impact on the game, rather than what they have achieved at the highest level. We want to celebrate as many people as possible so please nominate anybody who has made a significant contribution to the game and deserves recognition for their dedication.

Relevant Forms(s)

Please submit all Hall of Fame and Significant Contributor nominations by Tuesday 31st August 2021.

Please submit expressions of interest to be the Chair or a Selection Panel Member by Sunday 13th June, 2021.

Hall of Fame

Significant Contributor:

Panel Expression of Interest:

Chair Expression of Interest:

*there is no limit to the amount of nomination’s an individual can make*