Walking basketball returns to Perth

Walking basketball returns to Perth in September as the weekly sessions restart for the new season.

Walking basketball is a walking version of the sport, with a focus on providing an opportunity for those unable to take part in the running game to still play regularly. Walking basketball is suitable for all ages and abilities, and provides a safe, fun and fitness boosting experience.

Craigie-Lee Paterson, who organises the sessions in Perth, explains how a typical session is structured:

“Walking Basketball is suitable for all ages, all sizes and all abilities and it’s fun!  Our players get hooked on the game and love the sense of camaraderie. Sessions tend to last an hour, starting with a gentle warm up which comprises of drills and hoop shooting practice.  We play a game with plenty of time outs/water breaks if required.  The session ends with a warm down.”


Amy Kirkhouse, basketballscotland’s Participation Manager, hopes the success of Perth’s sessions inspires more people to try the sport:

“It is great to see the Perth Walking Basketball session returning this season. Whilst Walking Basketball is primarily aimed at those unable to take part in the running game, it is open to everyone which makes it really inclusive and enjoyable. Participants set the pace of sessions and the focus is on getting active and having fun. It’s been fantastic to see the success of the Perth session and our hope is that we will see a number of new Walking Basketball sessions start up across the country over the next year.”

Those wishing to participate in the sessions, which take place at Perth Grammar School every Monday between 7-8pm, can contact Craigie-Lee for more information on 07711598128.