Wellbeing Ambassadors

In 2020 basketballscotland introduced another level of helptoour clubs around the country. Wecreated aWellbeing Ambassadorinitiativewhich, inpartnership with some fantasticorganisations, aredelivering an extensive training plan on various Mental Health and Wellbeing topics.  Over a period of eightmonths ourAmbassadorswill be learning as two different groups: Wellbeing Lead’s and Wellbeing Champions.  


The Wellbeing Leads areadults within the club who have a passion to help their members in dealing with any mental health challenges. Inpartnership with the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) and The True Athlete Project,we have been able to have positive conversations around mental health and wellbeing,and have a better understanding of how our clubs can embed positive mental health within theircommunity.  


Our Wellbeing Champions are younger members of our clubs(U15-U18),who again,have a passion for learning and helping others. With sessions beingledby SAMH and Scottish Sports Futures, our young champions are being trained in how to have conversations with teammates and peers that can assist them in becoming more aware of the benefits of good mental health. 


We have been overwhelmed by the support by our community and the uptake has surpassed what we imagined.There are 25 Clubs across the country involved, including 3 University Clubs and 5 wheelchair basketball clubs. With 32 Leads(13Male, 19 Women) and 28 Champions (11 Boys, 17 Girls), it makes us very proud to have such an invested community.  


DundeeMadsonsWellbeing Lead,Scott Brunton, had this to say about theinitiative.The reason I got involved in this programme is to help and assist any young person,coaches or parents with a safe space tohave a discussion abouttheirmental health or if they just want to have a chat.  


I felt that the programme would be of huge benefit toMadsonsand comes at a very difficult time due to the current pandemic where young men and women have really had very trying times recently. 


I have found the learning very thought provoking and interesting in areas where I am thinking of others and how they might be feeling. To look out for the signs of someone who maybe having a difficult time and to be able to have a discussion with them and be happy to discuss any situation that they wantto”.