What I Referee – U10, U12 & U14

Make It Happen

Course Outline

Description: This course is an exciting practical based course, designed to teach candidates how to develop physical movement skills, technical skills and build basic tactical understanding by using games-based coaching. Candidates will need to consider how they will use what they have learned to ensure the practices are inclusive.  It will also give the candidate the knowledge and ability to Game Coach (A term introduced at the early stages of basketball to replace the referee).

On completion candidates will gain the skills needed to assist in facilitating fun, inclusive and engaging basketball sessions.  Candidates will be assessed during the course.

Pre-requisites: The candidates must be at least 14 years old when attending the Make it Happen course.

Delivery: this course is covered over 5-6 hours and can be done on one full day or over a number of sessions.  The MIH can be delivered in either a modular approach (Coaching, Refereeing or Inclusion) or with all 3 modules included to enable attendees to achieve the Make it Happen award. It is mostly practical and also has some classroom work.

Cost: £30 per person for all 3 modules or £15 per module.