Youth Development Fund

Basketball is a sport that should be accessible to all. However, in reality there are barriers that prevent young people from participating in any sport. Unfortunately, the cost of basketball is prohibitive to some, whether they want to play, coach, referee or volunteer.  


With the Scottish Government reporting that as many as 1 in 4 young people in Scotland live in poverty, this means the families of approximately 260,000 young people don’t have £10 spare to save every month. ( ) Thus, they are unable to benefit from the many health, social and mental benefits involvement in a team sport provides.

The Youth Development Fund was established to help overcome the financial challenges of being involved in sport in Scotland.  We want to give all young people the opportunity to participate in basketball.  


The Youth Development Fund is managed and administered by the basketballscotland Foundation, a registered charity (SC045055)

which helps people make positive changes to their lives and communities.  


How We help 

We believe that every young person should be given the opportunity to benefit from basketball, no matter their situation. Involvement in sport is good for mental and physical wellbeing, can increase confidence and enhance a young person’s connection to their community.  


The Youth Development Fund provides support for young people who may not be able to afford to take part, whether that is playing or another role within the game. Regardless, we want them to benefit from this great game. Whether they volunteer, play or coach a club; they are involved in the basketballscotland Regional or National Academy; or, just want to play some recreational basketball, the Youth Development Fund is there to help them fulfil their dreams.


The fund can help support a player with fees, it can be used to pay a bus fare for someone to attend practice or, it can fund a refereeing qualification. In fact, uses for the fund are limitless.