Conditions to be met before we can play basketball again in Scotland

With momentum gathering about a loosening of lockdown restrictions and Premier League football discussing completing the 2019–20 season from early June, we felt it was a good time to provide an update on what will be required before we can return to training and playing basketball in Scotland.

First and foremost, the health and safety of the basketball community is the primary consideration in any return to basketball. Any decision we take, will consider this above all else.

Before we are in a position to make a decision, changes are required in three areas that are out with our control:

  1. Lockdown Restrictions will need to be markedly altered. To play a game of basketball at present would require participants to break the law. There will need to be legislative amendments before basketball can return.
  2. Physical Distancing Regulations lifted. Basketball is a physical sport, there is a shared ball and there are countless human to human contacts in any game or training. Until the health and wellbeing of those involved in basketball can be effectively managed, it will not be feasible to play.
  3. Local Authorities open their facilities. Basketball in Scotland is primarily played on courts run by local authorities. We have no control over what approach local authorities will take with regards their facilities, when they will open, nor what conditions may be in place when they are reopened.

Any decision basketballscotland take will:

  • Prioritise the health and safety of our members and community
  • Be cognisant of government legislation
  • Maintain consistency with public health guidance
  • Be carried out in consultation with our membership, where appropriate

Be communicated in a timely and suitable manner.

We are aware that Scotland may take their own decisions about how we come out of lockdown that may differ from the four nations approach. We are closely monitoring the messages from Scottish Government, and regularly communicating with sportscotland who are themselves in regular dialogue with Scottish Government about COVID-related matters.

We desperately want basketball to return, but we must adhere to current advice. We will update as there are changes. If we can begin to phase a return to basketball, we will do this when it is safe and legal to do so. Until then, please stay safe, adhere to government advice and continue to look out for one another.