Children 1st

During these unprecedented times it’s important that children remain safe and secure both within their homes and online. Children 1st offer a wide range of support and tips as to how children can stay safe during this ongoing global pandemic. Children 1st are official partners of basketballscotland and Sportscotland, with the aim of the partnership to make sport safe and enjoyable for all children.

It is essential to keep children connected with the sports they enjoy and encourage them to keep training. Not only will this have a positive impact on their physical health, but will also make them happy doing what they enjoy. Keeping in contact with their friends and teammates will also benefit their mental health.


It’s also important for families to get the support they need during these times as previously unforeseen challenges are presented in front of them due to coronavirus. The Children 1st Parentline service continues to offer support for families via one-to-one phone calls, online advice or webchat. For more information, please call 08000 28 22 33 or visit the Children 1st website here.

Apps and Social Media

During this time, it’s important that children stay connected online with their teammates and friends in order to reduce the feelings of isolation. However, it’s also vital that they are able to stay safe, particularly on social media. A lot of clubs will be setting up several communication channels on certain apps to remain in contact with their club members. Prior to setting up these communication channels it is important that you are aware of the following;

Always refer back to your governing body’s Social Media Policy. Be mindful that children are present within these communication channels. Always sought written permission from parents/carers before adding their child to the communication channel. Do not add children on any of your personal social media channels if you are an adult. Report any inappropriate use of social media to your governing body.

Age restrictions for social media:

Platform Age
Twitter 13
Facebook and Messenger 13
Instagram 13
Pinterest 13
Google+ 13
Tumblr 13
Reddit 13
Snapchat 13
Skype 13
TikTok 13
WhatsApp 16
Tinder 18
YouTube 18
Flickr and Kik 18


Online Coaching Sessions

Coaches may want to continue coaching their athletes whilst this pandemic is going on. Prior to these online coaching sessions commencing, the following guidelines should be followed;

Parental consent should be given prior to the sessions. The coaching schedule should be sent directly to the parents. More than one coach should deliver the session and both the athlete and coach should be on the screen at the same time (if feasible). Children should participate in the coaching session in an open space under the supervision of parents/carers (if feasible). Children and coaches should wear suitable clothing during these sessions. If bullying takes place during these sessions, follow the anti-bullying procedures of your governing body. Coaches must be mindful that they have a duty of care to the children who they are coaching. If you have any concerns about your child, please raise it with the governing body. If a concern is raised all standard procedures must be followed.

For more guidelines on how children, athletes, coaches and volunteers can stay safe on social media, click here.

To contact Children 1st please call them on 0141 419 1156 or email them at: