basketballscotland are pleased to announce the release of our CashBack School of Basketball Annual Report for 2018/19.


The CashBack School of Basketball programme has had a successful 12 months, which has seen an increase in participants and schools within our changing lives approach. At the end of 2017/18, basketballscotland were operating live programmes in six schools across central Scotland. Over the last 12 months, the number of schools actively engaged in the programme has more than doubled, with the live schools now totalling 17.


The expansion has also seen the programme spread across Scotland, with the introduction of more schools in the north of Scotland. Cities including Inverness, Aberdeen and Dundee are now all running School of Basketball programmes, with the aim of closing the attainment gap which currently exists between those living in Scotland’s least and most deprived areas.


The 2018/19 year also saw the introduced of our CashBack School of Basketball programme to two additional support needs schools.


Over the measured period, 553 young people aged between 11-14 entered the CashBack School of Basketball programme, which has demonstrated a significant positive contribution to their lives. The Annual report details the success of this contribution through several measurable outcomes.


basketballscotland’s National Development Manager and CashBack School of Basketball lead, Adam Szymoszowskyj, highlighted the success of the programme over the last 12 months:


“The last 12 months have been an important period for the CashBack School of Basketball programme at basketballscotland. We had a lot to do in year 2 to be successful, we continually met our targets and, in several instances, we managed to exceed those targets. This is a unique project where we are able to positively contribute to young people’s lives in an environment where they feel safe and secure. Ultimately, we have created an environment in disadvantaged communities across the country where these young people are able to achieve. A big thank you to my colleagues at basketballscotland and our partner schools, clubs and coaches across the country who have made year two such a success.”


With year 3 of Phase 4 set to start again after the summer, basketballscotland are looking forward to building on the successful partnerships formed across Scotland to continue the success of the programme.


You can find our 2018/19 CashBack School of Basketball annual report here.

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